Perfectly craf­ted apps and websites. Never by acci­dent but as a result of passion, creat­ive think­ing, inspired team­­­work, and intel­li­­­gent execu­­­tion.

Meet Createam!

We are a small, highly skilled and effi­­­cient bunch of IT profes­­­sion­als. Most import­antly, however, we get inspired by your ideas, put passion into our work, and get the job done. Together. With you.

Featured works

No two projects are the same, we are proud to have been part of our clients’ jour­ney. Every bit of soft­ware we developed helped to achieve their goals. And at a predict­­­able pace and a reas­on­­­able cost too.


Learn­ing Manage­ment System
developed with

SaaS plat­form

We believe the world can become a better place through improv­ing educa­tion in schools. We created SchoolTalk – an innov­at­ive SaaS product that does exactly that – unites learners, teacher, and parents in one ecosys­tem of learn­ing allow­ing synergy to occur and letting kids enjoy and own their learn­ing.

Junior Learning

Touchtronic educa­tional games
developed with

iPad applic­a­tions

On educa­tion depends our future. Touchtronic is a suite of educa­tional games inter­act­ing with phys­ical numbers and oper­at­ors, letters, and magnetic spin­ner to teach early-primary chil­dren liter­acy and numer­acy. The Touchtronic plat­form and games got high appre­ci­ation from educa­tion experts around the world (from USA to China) and received multiple awards in 2014 and 2015.


Profes­sional devel­op­ment path­ways
developed with

Web applic­a­tion

Propeller­head is a boutique soft­ware devel­op­ment house that employs ultra-modern approaches to team manage­ment and motiv­a­tion. We worked with Propeller­head to create Badges – a web-based applic­a­tion that brings profes­sional devel­op­ment and motiv­a­tion of employ­ees and teams to a whole new level.


Driv­ing school website
developed with

Website and brand­ing

Driv­ing is living. But it’s also a high risk discip­line which has to be care­fully mastered. Based on vari­ety of advanced modern learn­ing tech­niques, our Russian client has developped a unique person­al­ised approach to learn­ing. Being differ­ent is what we love, so we created to stand out from the crowd!


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What we do

Websites. Logos and corpor­ate iden­tity. Applic­a­­tions for web and mobile. All bits and pieces are well aligned with your busi­ness object­ives. Your goals are our goals, and getting there really matters!

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